Corridas, 1997
                                                        This small suite of paintings, pastels and small paintings on panel represent a attempt to portray the essential dynamism of the bullfight.
                                                                       I wanted to depict the black mass of the
bull and the swirling colours of the matador as an abstract interchange of dynamic energies.

                                                                       I saw two bullfights, one in Spain in 1958 and one in Portugal in 1971. In the Portugese contest, they try to leap over the animal's horns,
                                                                       wherein we see an echo of the bull
vaulting ritual of ancient Minoan Crete and even further back to the cult of the bull in Aurignacian cave art.
                                                                       These memories
were stimulated again after seeing the posters for bullfights in southern France and also the many works of Picasso where
                                                                       he often used the corrida as a subject.

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