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   Surrey Art Gallery Exhibition, 1978

Portrait No. 1
photograph, air-brush painting,

Artist’s Statement

My involvement in plastics and photography began indirectly. The first photographs were of sculpture pieces in opaque fiberglass. These pieces were photographed in various outdoor settings while in the process of moving my studio. 

Later I began to develop the subsequent photographs and began a series of 8" x 1 0" illustrations. I then considered using a more flexible object to use as photographic study and came up with a 5" diameter sphere. Slides were developed from the sphere studies and became my concern {or some time. I then enlarged the sphere concept into sculpture works using fiberglass constructions including sphere or discs. 

The discs are clear, as were the spheres, and used similar to the spheres in being photographed at different locations. Later the discs were also combined with fiberglass into sculpture pieces. 

The present concern is less with the disc per se as with the graphic image obtained from studies. All sculpture pieces, photographs and airbrush rendering being one and the same as far as using plastics to obtain a desired effect.

Rainbow, 1974
Cast resin, wooden table, air-brush painting; disc: 31 in diameter, 1/4 - ½ thick; disc stand: 5 x  19-3/4 x 3-1/4; table: 26-3/4 x 23-1/4 x  21 . Courtesy of Artcore.

Willo-Wisp, 1974
Cast resin & wooden table; discs: 11 and 13 in diameter; discs: stands 4 x 12 x 2; table: 27 x 50 x 24

Sleeper, 1976
Air-brush painting on paper, 30 x 40.1

Sunset, 1976
Air-brush painting on paper, 40- 1/2 x 30-1/2

Portrait No. 1, 1978
Photograph, air-brush painting, 29-1/2 x 37-3/4.

Portrait No. 2, 1978
Photograph, air-brush painting, 29-1/4 x 39-3/4.


Portrait No.3, 1978
Photograph, air-brush painting, 29-1/2 x 39-3/4.


Portrait No. 4, 1978
Photograph, air-brush painting, 37-3/4 x 29-1/2.

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